Karen Kipphoff

Public squares usually have a strong symbolical and highly political significance. Even so, they are empty, often wasteland, scars inflicted upon the urban landscape by history and neglect. Their meaning is shifting. It is people which still make these spaces interesting. People, the way they look and are looked at, their personal background and their way of moving about, all of these aspects accentuate the public space and turn them into stages.

STAGED BODIES is related to the earlier work Public Spaces / Public Bodies.

STAGED BODIES layers appearing- and disappearing revolving human figures on to horizontally moving panoramic images from Berlin, Bucharest, Toronto and Montréal.
This is the internet version of an installation by Karen Kipphoff and Trond Lossius at Bergen Kunsthall in Norway.
Images, idea: Karen Kipphoff; Sound: Trond Lossius
Coding: Klaus Rückriem, Jessica Dudeck; Produced by: Armin Raab,